Autoimmune Disease Example Essay

Autoimmune diseases afflict roughly 5% of the population of developed countries.1 That is to say, one in 20 people in Europe and North America already have a particular kind of autoimmune disease. By definition, an autoimmune disease is a malfunction of the immune system in which the body targets itself. The world has seen an increased frequency of many different kinds of autoimmune diseases in the recent past, and occurrences are steadily on the rise. The incidence of type 1 diabetes increased by 23% between 2001 and 2009.2 Research has shown that vaccines may play a role in the development of autoimmune diseases, and some has even suggested causative links. Autoimmune Disease Example Essay
There is as much counter evidence on the notion that vaccines may cause
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Autoimmune Disease Example Essay
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First, it is possible that infections can trigger autoimmune disorders in some people; the hepatitis B vaccine was shown to increase the risk of multiple sclerosis (MS).3 People who have had certain infections may be more prone to developing an autoimmune disorder. Autoimmune Disease Example Essay This development of hepatitis B, among other disorders such as diabetes, has been linked to infections. The assertion that an infection may give rise to a particular autoimmune disease is among the most common of ways in which people argue in support of autoimmune diseases induced by vaccination.

Adjuvants enjoy a great deal of popularity when it comes to autoimmunity. Though there is speculation with regard to adjuvants and autoimmune disorders, vaccines containing adjuvants have been associated with an increased risk of developing an autoimmune disorder.4 A cross-sectional study that used surveillance and statistical methods found that a large number of patients were hospitalized following immunization. Patients with a history of autoimmune disease showed severe effects. Adjuvants have been shown to produce very powerful responses, and thus should be treated carefully with high concern.5Vaccines can trigger autoimmune diseases in a number of different ways.

Autoimmune diseases are a growing concern in the American population. An estimated 10 million Americans suffer from autoimmune diseases with 75% of these cases being of women. Furthermore, autoimmune diseases have grown to be within the top 10 causes of death among American women. The incidences of these diseases have been shown to increase with financial wealth, industrial development, and the modern progression of life. As such, the occurrence of these conditions is expected to grow as time passes. With such a notable modern influence, it is shocking that these diseases were not considered of clinical relevance until the 1950s. Autoimmune Disease Example Essay The investigation of the mechanisms of the propagation of these diseases have been of immense scientific relevance ever since. The complicated immunological background behind infection and treatment of autoimmune diseases while interesting from a scientists perspective, means that from the perspective of treatment there is a long arduous path until new, efficient treatments will show an appreciable decrease in the occurrence of these diseases within American population. To understand autoimmune diseases, the general characteristic of autoimmunity must be addressed. Autoimmunity is defined, in short, as “ misdirected immune response”. A healthy person is equipped with the mechanisms necessary to defend the body from pathogens within the immune system. Autoimmune Disease Example Essay

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