Attention and Consciousness Essay

The study shown in the video Attention and Consciousness – Unlearning Through Hypnosis, focuses on the Stroop Color-Word test which is used in experiments concerning attention (Psychology media suite [Video file], 2008). It simply asks the participant to name the ink color a word is printed in. The catch is that the word “blue” might be printed in red ink.Attention and Consciousness Essay This sets up a cognitive conflict within the brain (“Hypnotic Suggestion Can Reduce Conflict In Human Brain, Weill Cornell Medical College Researchers Report”, 2005). Subjects that were considered “highly suggestible” were asked to take this test in practice sessions…show more content…
This could lead to solving real world issues by helping children with disorders such as depression, anxiety, pain management, and phobias. Using the scientific method is how I would test this hypothesis. The steps for doing this would include: forming a hypothesis which is “children are more susceptible to hypnosis and suggestion than adults”, devise a study and collect data, examine the results of data, and report findings. The study I would want to devise would build upon Dr. Raz’s study of hypnosis using the Stroop Color-Word test. I believe this is not harmful to children and the results could be very beneficial. The only stipulation would be that the children be old enough and capable of reading on their own. After performing these experiments, I would collect the data from them and present them in a document. Hypnosis has been used for many years in many different cultures including Druid, Celtic, and Egyptian. However, in Western culture it is still considered to be an alternative to mainstream medicine.Attention and Consciousness Essay Children seem to be better candidates for hypnosis because they don’t have years of conditioning biases that many adults have and they are less inclined to question the process.

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Attention and Consciousness Essay
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Attention is “taking possession of the mind, in clear and vivid form, of one out of what seems several simultaneously possible objects or trains of thought…it implies withdrawal from some things in order to deal effectively with others” (James, 1898).
Selective attention is when a person focuses on their conscious awareness on a particular stimulus. The person only attends to one or a few tasks at one time, this is necessary to keep the person from being overloaded with information. One of the main functions of attention is selective hearing, which attends to some stimuli and ignores others.Attention and Consciousness Essay
This essay will be focusing on attention, specifically selective attention. In some research that is to do with selective attention, participants are presented with two or more sets of stimuli at the same time. The participants process one set of stimuli while they are ignoring the other stimulus. The amount of processing of the ignored stimuli that happens then provides an indication to how successful attention can be focused on to, that specific stimulus that is important to the experimenter. This essay will be looking into theories that focus on selective stimuli, such as the cocktail party phenomena theory by Cherry (1953), this theory suggests that a person’s ability is to selectively attend to one specific stimulus over others. Broadbent’s filter theory (1958) will also be looked at; this theory suggests that we filter information after sensory registration.
Also, Treisman’s attenuation model (1964) which suggests that if a meaningful message is removed from a shadowed to the non-shadowed ear, then the subjects would track the shift of it but will not be aware of it. Attention and Consciousness Essay


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