hello i want someone to answers this Questions . Please submit the following statements for me to review. You will be putting these on your Final Vision Board (Assignment 3 this week).1. What is your Intention with Meditation?2. What is your Intention with the Environment?3. What is your Intention Regarding Rest, Relaxation & Recreation?4. What is your Intention with Nutrition?5. What is your Intention with Exercise?6. What is your Intention with Mindful Communication?7. What is your Intention with Building Positive Relationships?8. What is your Intention with using your SENSES (sight, sound, touch, taste hearing) to be Mindful?9. Personal Vision Statement (Copy from last week’s assignment).10. What is your Favorite Quote?REMEMBER – You must be specific: Examples I meditate every morning before school for 10 minutes.I eat one meal/snack in complete silence each day.I mindfully listen at least one time each day.I walk on Tuesdays and Thursdays with my neighbor/friend/spouse in the evening

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Assignment 2: Vision Board Statements
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