2-3 pages in length, Times new roman,12, double spaceCourse Week 1 Recap:”Eurocentrism: A worldview that is centered on Western civilization or a biased view that favors it over non-western civilizationsEthnocentrism: An evaluation of other cultures according to preconceptions originating in the standards and customs of one’s own culture”It is based on viewing a work of art related to the content of the course. This may be awork of art in your electronic textbook, in the study guides, on Artstor, or any image you may find online that is suitable for the course content. You should choose a work of art that interests you, and write a brief analysis of its design. This is not a library research paper—you are not required to write an extensive history of the object. Instead, you need to become familiar with most basic design elements that constitute a work of art, using your eyes and developing the ability to describe its shape, materials, texture, form, and decoration. You should identify what the object is (a 19th century Navajo squash blossomnecklace, an African willow basket, a New Guinea ceremonial mask, a Mexican folk art woodcarving from Oaxaca). You should also describe the materials from which it is made (silver and turquoise, splints of willow or cane, wood painted with mineral pigments, jade, ceramics, etc.). Thus, you will need to identify its materials, culture, period, and use. Then, you will write a detailed visual description of its design (sieze, shape, color, texture, decoration). Work on developing your awareness of design and a vocabulary for describing it (is the work of art symmetrical or asymmetrical? Two or three-dimensional? Is its design balanced or unbalanced? Does it use straight lines or wavy lines as decoration? What are its contrasts or harmonies of color, shape, light and dark, etc.?).


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