This will be a 4 paragraph paperabout 1-2 pages, single spaced.

Summary: Find a reference to a study from a newspaper or popular magazine, such as Time, Psychology Today, Life, etc. Then find the actual study in a scholarly journal.

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1. Write 1‐2 paragraphs comparing the popular source with the original research.  [1st and 2nd paragraph of 4 paragraphs]

2. Write a paragraph describing the purpose of peer‐review and the importance of peer‐ review in scholarly resources. [3rd paragraph of 4 paragraphs total]

3. Engineers often publish in “professional” journals. Write a paragraph summarizing where you would place these journals in the continuum between popular and scholarly, and discuss briefly the importance of professional journals. [fourth and final paragraph of the assignment]

[HINT!!  If you use your research paper topic to do this assignment, you will have one scholarly article found and read!  It will be a good headstart!]

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