Option 2: Movie Analysis

Select one of the following films for this analysis: 

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  • Big Fish
  • The Mission
  • Ghandi
  • The Iron Lady
  • The Devil Wears Prada
  • Stand By Me

Write 700- to 1,050-word analysis of the film, focusing on conflict management, negotiation, and mediation. Keep in mind the following requirements:

  • Avoid retelling the story, and focus on providing succinct, concrete examples that illustrate the concepts, strategies, and techniques discussed in your textbook.
  • Identify one or more conflicts portrayed in the movie. For each conflict you identify, answer the following questions:
    • What was the cause of the conflict? You may find the section on triggers on pp. 20–22 of your textbook helpful in answering this question.
    • Did the conflict call for negotiation or mediation?
    • What barriers to negotiation or mediation were present?
    • Was the conflict resolved? If so, how was it resolved? Did the characters employ any of the strategies suggesting in this week’s readings? If not, why not? Which strategies do you believe could be most useful in resolving this type of conflict?

Adhere to APA style guidelines, including an appropriate APA-style citation for the movie you selected.

Submit your essay to your instructor.

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