Scientific Method Assignment You are to write a 1-2 page paper describing a scientific investigation of your choice.  This does not have to be actual research that you perform, although if you have an idea for a simple experiment or study that you could do you are encouraged to carry it out.  For the sake of simplicity, we divide the scientific method into eight steps.  In this assignment, you will write a short paragraph for each step. Read the examples below to see how you should approach this assignment. 1.  Define a question Identify and describe a question, problem, or phenomenon that you want to understand. 2.  Gather information and resources Research possible explanations of the question, drawing from observations and experience. 3.  Form an explanatory hypothesis The hypothesis needs to be an explanation of how the phenomenon works, and the hypothesis should make specific predictions that are testable. 4.  Test the hypothesis Describe the experiment or observations that would specifically test whether the predictions of the hypothesis are true. 5.  Analyze the data from the test Describe how closely the results of the experiment matched the predictions of the hypothesis. 6.  Interpret the data and draw conclusions Explain whether the test falsifies the hypothesis or whether it supports the hypothesis.  If your hypothesis is supported by the test, list any alternative hypotheses that could possibly explain the results as well. 7.  Publish results Find a journal or trade publication to submit your findings to.  If the journal or magazine finds your study to be accurate and interesting, it will publish your article to share your results with your peers. 8.  Retest (often done by other scientists) Your peers may want to check your work or build on it.  Describe how you would expect someone working in the field to react to your study.  Would they find it surprising?  Interesting?  Do you think they would agree with your conclusions?  Do you think they might have an alternate hypothesis to explain the phenomenon? Following are a few examples to help you get started.  The responses in these examples are relatively short – you should elaborate on your responses with a few more sentences

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