For the first six weeks you are conducting an individual research project. This project is intended to provide you with the opportunity to examine and evaluate a specific organization’s behavior using ethics and social responsibility as your evaluative criteria. This project is to be completed in incremental segments. For this unit you are responsible for the following:

Individual Research Project – Part IV: To access the instructions simply click on the link below. This document is also available in a printable and downloadable version in your Course Materials folder.

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Individual Research Project – Part IV

In addition to the data and instructions included in the directions document, there are two resource documents available; one using the APA style guide and another that provides links which can facilitate your ability to complete this assignment. These documents are available by clicking on the links below or you can navigate to the Course Materials folder to retrieve versions suitable for printing or downloading.


Individual Research Project Resources

Using APA




The purpose of this project is to give you an opportunity to examine and evaluate a specific organization’s behavior from an ethical and social responsibility view point.  This Project is broken into 6 parts to be completed over 6 weeks.


Week 1: Write an introduction and discuss why you choose this particular organization.

Week 2: Prepare a summary of your research.

Week 3: Prepare a summary of a personal interview or personal commentary.

Week 4: Write a draft of the paper         

Week 5: Revise the draft using input from both your instructor and your peers  

Week 6: Submit your final version for grading.


Project Details: 

Design your report for an adult audience using a formal academic writing style. The paper must follow all APA formatting requirements including the requirements for in-text citations and references. Information on Using APA is available in your Course Materials folder.


Individual Research Project: Part IV Instructions:

 Your goal this week is to create a draft version of your report and to post your work in preparation for a peer review process. While the draft should be free of typos and grammatical errors, it may include a few “placeholders” to indicate ideas or paragraphs that are still being developed.  For example, if you have four main issues you want to address in your research report, your draft might have one of the main topics still “under construction.”  Of course, the more complete your draft, the better the feedback you will get to help you improve your final version. 


Using the research material you gathered in the last three weeks as your foundation, prepare a draft version of a five to eight page (5-8 page) research paper addressing the key issues of your chosen topic.  Draw conclusions about your findings and let your reader know what you think the future holds. By the end of the week you are responsible for posting your work to your Small Group Discussion Forum so that early next week your classmates have access to your work and can provide responsible evaluations.  Make certain that you post to the correct Small Group Discussion Forum. 


Additional Resources:

 Additional resources for conducting and producing your research project are available in the document “Individual Research Project Resources” located in your Course Materials folder. 

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