This case study considers the application of the health belief model to Daniel’s case. Analysis of Daniel’s thought processes regarding his drinking will help to identify whether he will take action to improve his health condition or not. The focus is on two essential parts of the health belief model: perceived personal threat and cost-benefit analysis.Application of the Health Belief Model to Daniel’s Case Essay Paper

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Application of the Health Belief Model to Daniel’s Case Essay Paper
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Application of the Health Belief Model to Daniel’s Case



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Perceived Personal Threat

Daniel believes that his drinking is heavy. At the same time, he might not perceive all seriousness of the threat. Although he is aware that his drinking conduct may spoil his reputation and lead to alcoholism, his attitude is not radical enough. Daniel knows that his drinking is bad for his health since he has put on weight and has lost the capacity to concentrate well.Application of the Health Belief Model to Daniel’s Case Essay Paper

Cost-Benefit Analysis

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David believes that the benefits of drinking are being close to his workmates and effective social networking (Ogden 2012). At the same time, the cost of giving up drinking is the distance from his workmates. The benefit of giving up drinking is saving money and increasing the effectiveness of work. The money David has wasted on alcohol he could use for buying a car. He badly needs money to buy a new car since his old one is not reliable enough. David knows that timely action would benefit him in saving costs and improve his quality of work (there will be no hangovers and more productivity on work).Application of the Health Belief Model to Daniel’s Case Essay Paper

Conclusion: Realization of financial disadvantage of drinking will help Daniel to take action to avoid using alcohol despite the fact that his motivation to give up is not strong enough. There will be a great financial advantage (buying a car and preserving a job), so Daniel will make efforts to get rid of his bad habit.

Case Study Two

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The following parts of the planned behavior theory are being processed by Amy:

Her personal attitude in relation to picking up a health condition is determined by outcome beliefs: Amy realizes that giving up her bad habit will save her enough money to purchase a car;Application of the Health Belief Model to Daniel’s Case Essay Paper
Her personal attitude is determined by outcome evaluation: Amy contemplates that giving up smoking may lead to putting on weight and starting to smoke again;
Her subjective norms have been influenced by the normative belief: Amy probably thinks that her giving up smoking will not be meet that enthusiastically since Amy’s parents and friends are smokers;
Her subjective norms have been influenced by a lack of motivation to comply: Amy is not motivated enough by the views of other people: the only person that will surely be pleased is her GP.
The personal control beliefs have been influenced by the external factors: Amy’s having her driving test soon so she hopes to reduce tension by smoking;
The personal control belief has been influenced a self-efficacy belief that is well-reasoned and motivating: Amy realizes that if she quits smoking, she will buy a car, and that will help her to focus on driving rather than on smoking. So she won’t regret giving up smoking. Application of the Health Belief Model to Daniel’s Case Essay Paper

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