Please choose one of the following questions to answer in your main reply. Then, thoughtfully engage with one other person’s post.  
Follow the directions in the Syllabus regarding content, length, and using quotes.   –   –   –  –  TEN SENTENCES MAXIMUM! –  –  –  –  –  !!! One quote in your first reply!
Answers should be based on the Primary Source readings (the PDF’s provided by Prof. Covo on the main class page for Week 4). Quotes should be from those documents, with a page number if possible. Please indicate which question you are addressing in your reply.

1) From the Letters exchanged between Workers and Merchants – 
What does this exchange tell us about the relationship between technological change and social order at the end of the eighteenth century in Great Britain?

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2) From David Ricardo’s  On Wages – 
Would you agree or disagree that “With the progress of society the natural price of labour has always a tendency to rise”? Why do you think Ricardo believed this? What does it say about the time period he lived in?

3) From Engels’ The Condition of the Working-Class in England in 1844 – 

How, in Engels’ description, does class define and construct the urban space? What is his position towards industrialization? Is it good or bad, and for whom?

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