For this annotated biblilography assignment, submit a minimum four-page document that addresses the following:An annotated bibliography on three (3) articles you have found in your research. At least one of these sources MUST be a scholarly or peer-reviewed journal.Correct format for an Annotated Bibliography according to this example MLA citation for three (3) sourcesA Summary Paragraph (for each article)It should be a full summary of entire article. It should also be well-organized and fully developed discussion of the author’s main argument and key supporting details. Each summary needs to be written primarily in your own words and demonstrate that you have thoroughly read each article and understand the author’s main ideas and key points. (No citation information is repeated in summary.)An Evaluation Paragraph (for each article)Your evaluation should discuss the usefulness of the article as it relates to how it is addressing your topic. It should also include some discussion of credibility of author and source. When thinking of usefulness, consider how it increases your understanding about your topic. Are the references author uses valuable for further research? Does it provide any useful data, statistics, or graphs? What did it add to your understanding of problem or solution? Did it change the way you think about either? Each evaluation should be a fully developed and well-organized discussion that offers readers some thoughtful discussion on the article. (avoid using you/your)I am looking for your own thoughtful summaries and evaluations. As you perform your research ask yourself the following questions:Does this article provide background information on your topic?Does it provide information to support your claims?Or, does it provide information to support a valid counterargument or rebuttal?Be sure to use credible sources that pass the CRAAP test. Also, proofread and edit carefully. Errors will lower overall grade. Any plagiarism will automatically result in a failing grade for this will need to choose a new controversial topic and defend your position. Some suggestions are:Daycare programs for college students Elimination of the electoral collegeReparations for African-American/black citizens Robots in the workforceAssisted suicide Police body cameras Drug use in sportsRaising the minimum wage Taxing churches Legalized prostitution

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