The purpose of this study is two fold: (1) to identify if there are shortage of nurses and recommend a prevention model that would assist nurse executives in attracting and retaining nurses in the acute hospital setting and provides recommendations on how best to increase the nursing supply. (2) to examine the relationship among health care professionals, commitment to the organization, and perceptions of collaboration among nurses and physicians. During a major nursing shortage in the early 1980s, the American Academy of Nursing (AAN) conducted an extensive research project to identify hospitals in New York that was successful in recruiting and retaining nurses. The objective of the project was to evaluate characteristics of hospital structures that supported professional nursing practice (Aiken et al., 2000). The result of this research lead to the following questions that guided this study: (a) did the nurses consider the hospital a good place to practice nursing; (b) did the hospital have the ability to recruit and retain nurses (c) was the hospital located in an area, within a city, considered to be in a competitive marketplace and; (d) will team collaborative effort with other health care team improve patient outcome. This study used a cross-sectional, non- experimental, retrospective design to identify the hiring criteria, vacancies, nurse-patient ratio, job satisfaction  Analyzing The Shortage of Nurses In The USA Essay

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Analyzing The Shortage of Nurses In The USA Essay
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Analysisof Nursing Shortage in the United States




In our integrative review of the report on the health care workersshortage, we examined 15 reports that mainly focused on the nursingin America. The research was conducted on various healthstakeholders. The report was conducted in various contexts includingnatural, partially controlled, and high controlled areas (AmericanAssociation of Colleges of Nursing 2001). The results of the reportwere presented to the federal government and the nursing authority toavert the nursing crisis in America.

Article review

The AACN`s 2001 Annual Report reported that only 1.89 million fulltime nurses were employed in America in 2000. Therefore, thepopulace had a shortage of 2million nurses. According to the nationalcenter for health workforce analysis, the number of people employedrepresented a shortage of 6% in every American state (AmericanAssociation of Colleges of Nursing 2001). Most people predict adeficit of 1.5 million nurses shortage every year. However, theshortage is perceived to hamper health delivery in America with mostpeople complaining of poor health services in the public healthfacilities. The AACN`s 2001 Annual Report explains how the shortagerepresents the workforce crisis among the American populace. Thearticle explains how the shortage is acute among the highly populatedindividuals in various American backgrounds. For instance, thearticle explains how most people in the densely populated Kentuckyareas complained how the nursing shortage has claimed many lives inthe region. In the survey conducted by the American Association ofcollege of Nursing (AACN) in 2010, 220 universities reported 379faculty vacancies, which lead to the schools’ turning away almost5,000 qualified applicants (American Association of Colleges ofNursing 2001). The shortage was experienced since most qualifiednurses changed their careers to educators.Analyzing The Shortage of Nurses In The USA Essay

The research conducted in the densely populated areas of Texasindicated that there were more patients and fewer nurses in the area.As the life expectancy in America increases, several people aresurviving serious maladies and living longer with the chronicdiseases. Moreover, more nurses are retiring and leaving theprofession, and the situation has led to the crisis in the healthfraternity. According to Committee on Quality Health Care in America,Institute of Medicine, most people are leaving the nursing professionbecause they are offered lucrative opportunities in various sectors(Committee on Quality Health Care in America, Institute of Medicine2002). In the early 90s, hospital restructuring and cost cuttingeliminated several practitioners from the profession. The heavypatient loads in hospitals burden most nurses in the healthfraternity. The heavy patients’ loads overwork the nurses thus,leaving most nurses with an option of leaving the profession.According to American Association of Colleges of Nursing Research,40% of the nurses corresponded expressed their dissatisfactory withthe career (American Association of Colleges of Nursing 2001).Moreover, 43% of the corresponded explained how they are notcommitted to the profession because huge workloads (AmericanAssociation of Colleges of Nursing 2001).Analyzing The Shortage of Nurses In The USA Essay

Most of the corresponded explained how they are leaving theprofession because people underrate their career. A British studyportrayed how 65% of the nurses who expressed their dissatisfactionwith the career have a great possibility of leaving the profession.Many myriad factors lead to the widespread dissatisfaction among thenurses. For instance, lack of a strong professional practiceenvironment. Most nurses expressed how their careers were in jeopardyof violation because people despise them. According to the researchconducted in the public hospitals in Pennsylvania, many hospitals hada ratio of 1: 30 and this explains how the professionals areoverworked in different parts of America. Therefore, additionalpatients per nurse have a chance of increasing the burnout risk by23% and this led to most nurses expressing their displeasure with thecareer (Committee on Quality Health Care in America, Institute ofMedicine 2002). Additionally, others are forced to work overtime dueto the shortage (Committee on Quality Health Care in America,Institute of Medicine 2002).Analyzing The Shortage of Nurses In The USA Essay

Nursing shortage is a growing problem in the healthcare industry as hospital leaders are
experiencing difficulties recruiting and retaining nurses. Guided by the PESTEL
framework theory, the purpose of this case study was to explore strategies healthcare
leaders use to overcome a nursing shortage. Participants were 5 healthcare leaders who
have the knowledge and experience in recruitment and retention of registered nurses in a
healthcare facility in Seattle, Washington. Data were collected through audio-recorded
semistructured interviews and document review of the Hospital Employee Education and
Training Program. Data analysis consisted of documenting the data, organizing and
categorizing the data, connecting of the data, corroborating and legitimizing the findings,
and reporting the findings. After data were transcribed, participants reviewed the
transcripts for accuracy. Analyzing The Shortage of Nurses In The USA Essay Analysis of the data revealed 5 themes: development of
communication programs, increased employee engagement, investments in nursing
education, positive work environment, and improving the healthcare system through new
policies and regulations. The implications for positive social change include the potential
to alleviate pain, reduce deaths rates, and create a healthier community by overcoming
nursing shortage Analyzing The Shortage of Nurses In The USA Essay

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