To deepen your knowledge and to practice thinking critically about policies affecting our communities, you will write an analytic paper that critically assesses how well government addresses a public problem through government policy.  The paper will be 4-5 pages, 12 inch font and double spaced. The paper should be written formally, with an introduction, thesis statement, supportive body paragraphs and a conclusion. 
The paper should take a position on your assessment of the government policy. This will be your thesis statement. You will support your thesis with evidence and explaining your logic thoroughly in the body paragraphs of the paper. Additionally, make sure to address the following in the paper:

Introduction – include an introduction paragraph with information about a brief introduction to your selected policy,  why you choose this policy and why this policy is important to you and your community. Include your thesis statement in the introduction paragraph. 
Context & Policy – provide detailed information about the policy that you have selected and the context for why this problem needs to be addressed.  For instance, if you choose the issue of SF banning flavored cigarettes, you will provide background information, such as what are flavored cigarettes, who is using them, and what is the specific policy adopted by SF? Why did SF decide to ban flavored cigarettes? This section should be 2-3 paragraphs.
Analysis – what is your assessment of this policy? Does the policy effectively address the issue? Do you see the consequences or projected consequences to this policy as positive or negative? Are there potential externalities (unintended or unforeseen consequences)?   This section will be used to support your thesis statement with evidence and an explanation of your analysis. It should be 2-3 paragraphs. 
Summary– summarize the issue, policy solution and your assessment in the final conclusion paragraph. 

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Below are some ideas for topics to research further. You are not limited to this list. Whatever topic you do select, make sure to choose a specific policy related to that topic. 

Gun control measures (choose a specific one)
Climate change iniatives
Addressing homelessness in SF and/or California
Affordable housing policies (look at recent ballot measures)
Health care policy
Right to die laws
Voting registration policies
Vaping/E-cigarette bans or restrictions
Vaccine policies
Free college
Net neutrality 
Death penalty
Police conduct – body cameras
Restricting GMOs
Regulations on gig economy
Tax changes
Universal Basic Income

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