The main aim is to find the possible cause and residents’ perception about the disease. To estimate the spread of this disease in the community, various methods will be used to help identify various households where one of the family members could be having the disease. Methods include face-to-face interviews during which individuals are interviewed to estimate their thinking and reasoning capabilities. Other data collection techniques to help analyze this community include focus group discussions. Information about the disease gathered from this population is be analyzed to give a clear picture of the various remedial measures that need to be implemented to reduce its extent. It also helps to provide the appropriate kind of assistance that people require from the society. With this information at hand, various nonprofit organizations can decide on appropriate intervention measures such as giving educational assistance by starting schools, establishing health care facilities, or giving out financial assistance.Alzheimer Disease in a Marginalized Population Essay Paper

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Description of the Population

The population in question is seen to exhibit some unique characteristics. Most of its members are unaware of what happens in the rest of the country. The level of education is very low since the majority of aged members of the community are not concerned if their children go to school or not. Others do not see the need to have their children educated. The young population spends most of its time looking after their parents and engaging in various activities such as farming or casual jobs to make sure their families have something to eat. Alzheimer disease is believed to be the major cause of problems in this community with elderly people being the most affected members of population. These older members are usually unable to provide their children with the required moral support so that the latter could acquire education and be able to develop the community in future days. In order to rescue this community, it is important to understand how much it is affected by the disease and then give the information to various nonprofit organizations which may be interested to offer their help. Alzheimer Disease in a Marginalized Population Essay Paper

Literature Review on the Current Methods of Intervention with the Population

To understand this population well and be able to determine the impact of Alzheimer disease, various methods will be used to help gather sufficient information. This information will be analyzed to help the public come up with a specific solution. Some of the intervention methods will include giving financial assistance to families that cannot fully provide for their members because of the disease. In addition, schools should be established to improve the level of education. In order to find out specific problems brought about by the disease that need to be addressed, surveys has to be undertaken. To collect helpful information, methods like face-to-face interviews with the aged members of the population will be carried to identify the changes in terms of body function and decision making (Zimbleman, 2002). The other method will be conducting focus group discussions with informed members of the population who understand the disease to see if they have an idea how the disease has affected their community members and hear their suggestions about the remedial measures that should be embarked on.Alzheimer Disease in a Marginalized Population Essay Paper

During face-to-face interviews the older members are questioned on how they feel about their capabilities to carry out their daily tasks. They are asked various questions that range from their past to their current experiences. This helps to see whether they can easily remember some occurrences they went through several years ago. If memories are not there, then it is evident that they are suffering from the disease. Face-to-face interviews make it possible to get first hand information regarding when the individuals began experiencing various changes in their bodies since it gives particular people the opportunity to speak for themselves. This helps in understanding the ages at which individuals are expected to develop dementia which is associated with Alzheimer disease.Alzheimer Disease in a Marginalized Population Essay Paper

In addition, some focus group discussions are carried out whereby informed members of the population are included in groups to give information about problems affecting the rest of the population, especially the ones with Alzheimer disease. Groups are formed consisting of five to ten members. All these members should have similar levels of education to make it possible for them to share information freely. Each member should be given an equal opportunity to give their views and ideas to ensure that particular members do not dominate the discussion. During the discussion, information should be presented concerning how the disease has affected the population’s position in the community. They should also give their views on the ages in which individuals are seen to develop various symptoms such as inability to remember past activities well and to make informed decisions. Since the idea behind the study of this population is to get a clear picture of what needs to be done, group members should identify various effects that have caused the disease to the rest of the population and possible preventive measures. This will assist in making informed decisions on the type of intervention required to secure the population from the impact from the disease. For instance, it will help to identify if there is any need to add some health facilities and schools.Alzheimer Disease in a Marginalized Population Essay Paper

 Critique of These Intervention Methods

These methods have various shortcomings. For instance, face-to-face interviews do not guarantee that people will reveal true information. During face-to-face interviews, some members may choose to give false information since they may think that the information they give is going to be revealed to others. As a result, they may decide to give untrue information that may be misleading and, therefore, leading to false analysis which makes the measures that have to be taken irrelevant. False information can lead to construction of schools whereas it is health facilities that are highly require. On the other hand, the focus group discussion may also result to insufficient information. Group members may not possess particular information, and therefore, will have no idea on the measures that need to be taken to improve the welfare of the population. Moreover, group discussions take long hours and, therefore, members may get tired in the midst of the discussions which will prompt them to give false information.Alzheimer Disease in a Marginalized Population Essay Paper

Description of a Program Targeting the Population

After getting the required information about Alzheimer disease, it is analyzed to reveal the extent to which the disease has affected the entire population. It also provides insight on the required programs necessary to improve people’s welfare and reduce effects of the disease. The information is presented to various nonprofit organizations who establish the required programs to curb the effects of the disease and ensure that its negative impact on the population is not persistent. Although there is no known cure for this disease, these organizations can offer some drugs which help to reducing its symptoms (Rothman, 2012).Alzheimer Disease in a Marginalized Population Essay Paper

This intervention in the population is helpful to all its members. It helps to understand the impact of Alzheimer disease and, therefore, helps to establish necessary programs that improve the well-being of every member. Therefore, financial assistance has to be given to those members who have specific problems and learning institutions must be established to improve the level of education. Alzheimer Disease in a Marginalized Population Essay Paper

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