Some of the drugs include alcohol, marijuana, bhang, Hallucinogens, Heroin, Valium and Cocaine. One main negative impact, of alcohol and substance abuse on the user is that it affects someone’s health and in extreme cases, it leads to an individual’s death. Wilson (2011) expounds that, in most cases, the usage of drugs for the first time, especially heroin, causes nausea, vomiting and severe headaches unfortunately, if the dosage is in excess, an individual could die. Death arises when someone who is highly sensitive consumes the drug in large doses that lead to cases of heart or respiratory problems thus someone gets breathing complication or suffocation in extreme cases (Dasgupta, 2010). For example, an overdose of heroin can lead to rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, unconsciousness, heart failure and coma. When drug users use drugs in excess, it causes harmful side effects, which could even cost their lives.Alcohol and Substance Abuse Essay Paper

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Alcohol and Substance Abuse Essay Paper
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Alcohol and Substance Abuse



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Drug abuse has had a lot of effects on the health life of the users. In Julie capie’s (2007) article, she describes the life of a young 15-year-old boy Marc, who to engage in drug abuse. Marc began with the use of Marijuana, and later he engaged in other drugs that finally led to his death at a young age. In severe cases, when unconsciousness occurs, the user has a high risk of choking on their own vomit. As an individual continues consuming the drugs, they could be exposed to long-term effects thus, have a tendency to addiction. Cases of addiction are worse since an individual builds up tolerance to the drugs. Subsequently, it leads to intake consumption of large and frequent doses that would reduce libido and lead to restlessness and par anomia.Alcohol and Substance Abuse Essay Paper

Furthermore, continuous consumption of drugs has got long-term effect’s heroin, for example, leads to collapsed veins, loss of appetite and severe constipation. Altogether, most of the drugs that require the use of injections to administer them example heroin has a high risk of infection as they share needles. In cases where pregnant women use drugs, they pose a high risk of giving birth to small babies who become addictive to the drug. However, in cases of cocaine consumption, the baby could be born with birth defects and deformation. According to Dasgupta (2010), in extreme cases the drug’s usage especially cannabis would lead to impairment of the short-term memory thus, an individual finds it difficult to remember things easily. Consequently, the usage of the drug could lead to individuals losing body coordination therefore, difficult in carrying out activities and body movements. Drug usage could have dangerous effects on an individual’s health as prolonged use of these drugs causes lung cancer, bronchitis and other respiratory effects associates with smoking.Alcohol and Substance Abuse Essay Paper

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Worst cases of nerve damage and affect learning are as a result of heavy use of drugs, especially cannabis, which eventually leads to mental disorder. Eventually, when an individual decides to withdraw from the use of drugs, they encounter some side effects that last for several weeks. Some of the effects an individual could suffer from include aches, tremors, sweating, spasms, lethargy, and heart palpitations (Maisto, 2011).Alcohol and Substance Abuse Essay Paper

As a result, of drug usage individuals can suffer economically as they become unproductive, spending too much than what they earn. In cases where individuals work, it is rather hard for them to focus on their work as they have to deal with addiction and side effects of drug usage. As employees, they are not able to meet the target set for them, due to frequent hangovers and absenteeism that could lead to their dismissal from employment. On the other hand, individuals who are self-employed tend to lose focus as they have to cope with addiction, and incompetent company thus spends a lot of their money on drugs. After usage of drugs for a long time, the health side effects could arise leading to the family and individual incurring massive costs in terms of medical bills.Alcohol and Substance Abuse Essay Paper

Psychological effects become extremely dangerous as they could lead to negative impacts on how one relate with other people. Someone who has consumed a lot of drugs may have a certain change in personality and attitude towards others due to mental effects of drugs (Vick, 2010). Marijuana is one of the most widely used illegal drugs in the United States. However; its consumption has proven to affect mood and coordination.Alcohol and Substance Abuse Essay Paper

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In most cases, use of drugs contributes to confusion that eventually leads an individual to do things they cannot understand as they are under the influence of drugs. Users of drugs experience mood swings that could make them to behave in different ways when they could be stimulated, or depressed. Wilson (2011) accords that, whenever drug users become stimulated, they could behave in such a way that they are extremely happy. However, in extreme cases that are mainly common the drug abuser becomes depressed, which makes individuals violent, since they are under the influence of drugs. Most police cases usually involve alcohol and other drugs, which lead an individual to become violent in the streets and bars. As individual tend to, withdraw from the consumption of the drugs, they become restless and severely anxious as they have the urge to use drugs.Alcohol and Substance Abuse Essay Paper

Emotionally, the complication of use of drugs is more rampant as individual wishes to detach themselves from their problems. However, users of the drugs tend to forget their worries for a short duration of time. Maisto (2011) asserts that as a result of drug consumption, an individual gets a temporary feeling of well-being, contentment and detachment from all their problems as they have a feeling of being stress free. In extreme cases where mental disorders ultimately occur individuals engage in crazy activities as they cannot understand themselves well. Drug usage brings a feeling of exhilaration making an individual forget the problems they have and picture a fascination of their own world.Alcohol and Substance Abuse Essay Paper

Physically, individuals who use drugs could be active or inactive depending on the influence of drugs. Wilson (2011) asserts that, cocaine triggers the user to experience an indifference to pain as a result; they become careless and feels nothing when they get injuries. In addition, cases of tiredness arise through the use of cocaine, and an individual is not able to carry out any duties but lazy around becoming unproductive economically. In addition, the high cost of acquiring drugs from drug peddlers causes individuals to involve themselves in crime in order to obtain money to buy the drugs (Maisto, 2011). Concurrently, drug users who involve themselves in criminal activities risk killings through mob justice or by police when caught in the act. As a result, of drug use an individual becomes carried away engaging in unprotected sex with different partners without considering the aftermath of the act. Cases of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases are the outcomes of such acts.Alcohol and Substance Abuse Essay Paper

Additionally, drug usage can affect someone’s social life as it will determine how an individual relates to others. Some individuals, especially those who are shy tend to boost their confidence and socialize with others (Vick, 2010). Individuals who use drugs maintain friends of a peer group who are not morally upright that, influence someone’s behavior. Subsequently, involvements mainly in criminal activities arise from groups of people who use drugs, since they do not have the money. Drug abuse is also one of the many reasons behind divorce cases worldwide today that evaluates to trauma and pain especially to the children due to separation.Alcohol and Substance Abuse Essay Paper








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It is therefore, essential for parents, teachers and society at large to advice and protects the young teenagers from involving themselves with alcohol and substance abuse. As the cases of drug abuse reduce, the negative effects will reduce consistently thus, reduce the cost, worries and accidents that occur. Successively, there will be a change in the society into a peaceful one with reduction in crime and deaths caused especially by drug abuse that could be regulated. Alcohol and Substance Abuse Essay Paper

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