Advanced Family Practicum Example

This paper presents an analysis and synthesis of the practicum experience for NURS-740. The issues, concerns, and challenges related to the application of the role, academic nurse educator, are examined in the clinical, laboratory, and classroom settings.Advanced Family Practicum Example The strategies and approaches that were applied reflected knowledge from practice, theory, and research from previous course work of the Master of Science degree in nursing program at Ferris State University and experience as a registered nurse. The clinical project that was undertaken for this practicum is described and analyzed for application to the role of an academic nurse educator. Evaluations that reflect judgments about the performance of the graduate student from nursing students, the preceptor, and the graduate student are examined. Clinical Practicum Analysis and Synthesis The purpose of this practicum was to provide an opportunity to gain experience and knowledge about the role of an academic nurse educator. The objectives of the practicum were developed using the National League for Nursing (NLN) core competencies for academic nurse educators. The responsibilities for which academic nurse educators are held accountable are related to the eight core competencies described by the NLN (NLN, 2005). The analysis and synthesis will utilize the NLN core competencies to discuss issues related to the application of the nurse educator role, strategies and approaches that were applied to the role, and a description and analysis of the clinical project that was undertaken. An evaluation of achievement for the goal and objectives for the practicum experience will be discussed. Advanced Family Practicum Example

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Advanced Family Practicum Example
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During my practicum at WIN Family Services in Baltimore City, I encounter a variety of populations and disorders. The population consists of males and females eighteen years of age or older. This population suffers from a substance abuse problem along with depression, anxiety, bi polar disorder, or schizophrenia. The program I am working in entails individual and group counseling sessions throughout the day. The program is an intensive outpatient unit that takes place Monday though Thursday from 10am-5pm. This program is fairly new, and consists of 9-11 clients a day. I am grateful to be apart of a new program and develop myself as a counselor. The main professional development activities at my field site that contribute to my growth and…show more content…
One concern I have experienced at the field site is letting the clients leave earlier then their allotted time.Advanced Family Practicum Example Some clients are court ordered and have to stay a certain amount of hours, however some days they are allowed to leave a few hours early. I am not sure if this is an ethical or legal concern because the site is an outpatient setting. It concerns me, for the fact that the court ordered clients are legally suppose to be taking part in group and individual sessions, but they are allowed to leave early. I have to wonder what they are doing for the hours they are supposed to be in the program. The point of the clients being at the program all day is to keep them off the streets and promote abstinence, but if the clients are not at the program, we are not doing our jobs. For example, there is a female client, who is court ordered to be at the program all day, but for most of the days she is allowed to leave early. Her urine analysis keeps coming back positive. If we kept her all day like agreed, then maybe she would not have time to go get the drugs and use. My theoretical orientation of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is congruent with the field experience site. I am fortunate to see my theoretical orientation in action everyday.Advanced Family Practicum Example


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