Adolescent Ego centrism Example

Piaget’s theory’s have proved helpful for the understanding of children’s behavior, one area he observed was adolescents. He came up with the concept that during this period the egocentric stage reappears. The main aspect of this stage is more of a social and cognitive emphasize as well as a personal fable and the creation of an imaginaive audience (Santrock 2007).Adolescent Ego centrism Example During this stage the adolescent tends to create a belief that they are on stage and the world is an audience they feel as if they are constantly being watched and the people surrounding them are interested solely on them this is also why many Adolescents spend hours in the mirror putting on make up or fixing their hair. An example of the imaginary…show more content…Adolescent Ego centrism Example
Imagination plays a big role during this stage, for example adolescents spend considerable large amounts of time thinking about their future, a certain boy/girl they like, problems at school etc.(Valles,2002) They try to find answers to solving life’s problems. They also feel like no one understands them, that what there going through no one else has gone through. You might see this happen a lot when they are facing problems with their parents, they feel as if their parents are too old to understand and they never had to go through with what there going through. Another common action happening during adolescence is the sense of invinsiblity. Invinsibility shows up very strongly during this age which is another great cause of substance abuse. They create a mind set that nothing can ever possibly happen to them, they are not prone for danger. Adolescent car accidents are very high these days due to the fact that many young girls and boys are driving while under the influence of maybe speeding to fast or starting racing games. This goes along with the mentality that nothing can happen to them. The pregnancy rate has also gone up dramatically in adolescent, mainly because they feel they can engage in unsafe sex without getting pregnant or catching a sexually transmitted disease (Stevenson, 2002). The adolescent stage is a very difficult and stressful time period, it is important for parents to be aware of the issues going onAdolescent Ego centrism Example

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Adolescent Ego centrism Example
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Childhood is a very delicate time in ones life. Growing up a child learns how to cope and deal with life’s problems. It is this time in a child’s life that is the most important. Erikson’s theory states that a child goes through eight stages of unique development in order to learn how to confront different crisis (28). For some children they become emotionally over whelmed when faced with more than one of these stages at a time. I believe that how one deals with these crisis is what defines them in their adult life. In the situation of Sam and Jack, Sam is described as intelligent, articulate, well adjusted and popular adolescent while Jack is the opposite. Looking at Broncobuster’s ecosystem Sam may have been shown more love by his family, therefore it was easier for him to make more friends as opposed to Jack (32). Jack’s family may have believed that giving things to Jack rather than spending time with him was better for him. They could have just been way to busy to give him the love and attention that he needed at the age when he needed that love and support the most.Adolescent Ego centrism Example Jack and Sam may have had the same situations growing up like living in the same town, being of the same ethnic background, the same age and the same school, but when you look at what really matters that is where you will see the difference. Whether Sam and Jack had the same situations does not mean that they are the same. The difference could have been small and insignificant in the banging of their lives, but it had a huge impact on them in their adolescences. Sam’s parents may have been raised with the belief that family meant more to them than making money at a career. They possibly where there for all his games and school events, there to take him to the park.Adolescent Ego centrism Example


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