500-600 word only All the requirements in the word file Turnitin report needed Similarity less than 5


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Adding value through health and safety
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The structure and marking guide for case study analysis
This is an individual assignment. Each student has to write a critical analysis (a
summary followed by an analysis then conclusion and recommendations) on a case
General Guidelines:
1. Type in A4 paper, single space; font type and size = Arial 12; margin = 1 inch for
all sides.
2. Include your name and student ID no. in the cover page.
3. Be original.
4. Include any references if some ideas were taken from books, magazines, or the
5. Number of pages (excluding the cover page): Between 2-3 Pages (400-600
6. This assignment is due on 27.04.2020
7. All students must upload the analysis through a “SafeAssign” link.
8. The percentage of matching must not exceed 20 %. If the percentage will be
more than 20 % 2 marks will be decreased.
Grading Criteria for Case Study-12.5 MARKS
The name of student:
Group Number:
ID Number:
To show the ability to summarise the case.
To show the ability to analyze and write in
logical order the collected information.
To show the ability to use correct words,
construct effective sentences and tie
Conclusion and recommendations
Adding value through health and safety
Adding value to a product involves making it more desirable and better for the final consumer.
Ways of adding value to a product or service include improved design and functionality. For many
products one of the most important ways of adding value is through health and safety (H&S). This
is particularly true in the construction industry where customers, employees and the wider public
expect buildings to be safe.
Portakabin is part of the Shepherd Group. This is a family company which preserves all the benefits
of family values. These benefits include caring for employees, valuing the communities to which
it supplies modular buildings, as well as the local community in York where the company is based.
The Portakabin brand is the most widely recognised brand in modular construction in the UK.
Portakabin modular buildings provide high quality working environments for many other
businesses and organisations, for example, office buildings and schools through to hospitals and
hospitality suites.
Health and safety policies form a key component of the Portakabin Corporate Social Responsibility
document and are an integral part of the business where it is actively promoted through a diverse
working culture. Portakabin not only constructs and sells new modular buildings but also hires out
buildings, for example, when a school needs interim accommodation quickly. Therefore, health
and safety is a key consideration in each of these situations, especially in relation to a safe
environment for children to work and play in throughout the school day.
Companies have overall responsibility for the health and safety of their employees and others. The
responsibility of the company relates to creating and implementing the overall framework, e.g.
policies, procedures and training which creates a good health and safety culture.
Employees’ responsibilities include: • to take reasonable care of their own health and safety • to
take reasonable care not to put other people • to cooperate with their employer, making sure they
understand and follow the company’s health and safety policies.
Careful attention to health and safety adds value to a company and its products. Having a strong
health and safety record enhances brand image. It also means that the company is able to deliver
the right products at the right time with the minimum of delay and safely. This is vital in the highly
competitive construction industry. The overall impact of these benefits is to make Portakabin a
supplier of choice because it provides the company with a competitive edge over rivals.
Reference: https://www.pdfdrive.com/the-times-100-business-case-studies-e40999159.html
1. Summarize the case study in your own words.
2. Explain how health and safety legislation affects a company and its employees.
3. Evaluate the business benefits that Portakabin achieves from its clear focus on health and safety.

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