As a young male adult of seventeen years old, I am actively involved in many activities and my lifestyle has really been influenced to fit the requirements of the tasks. However, I have realized that I need to change to make myself healthier and in future maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not all about doing exercise. Everything has a limit and a control. Therefore eating and exercise, if well managed, can boost the health status of an individual (Janz, Dawson & Mahoney 2000, pp. 1250-1257). In this regard, I intend to exercise self discipline in regards to eating healthily. I believe that having a proper time schedule for eating is a prudent measure to take in attaining a balanced health lifestyle. This is one of the moves that I am planning to make. Then obviously, exercise will augment the whole process in a controlled way, otherwise, strenuous activities could also be destructive.A Healthy And Balanced Lifestyle Essay Paper

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A Healthy And Balanced Lifestyle Essay Paper
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A healthy and balanced lifestyle



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There is quite a number of benefits and obstacles of achieving and maintaining lifestyle as a young adult. For one, physical activity brings along positive physiological impact, psychological wellness, social rewards and other benefits in the ageing process (Charles, Reynolds & Gatz 2001, pp.136-151). Physical activities relax the mind and are good for psychological development. Social rewards are tangible benefits that are fulfilling to any person. Ageing is a direct consequence of systems redundancy, thus, a gradual decrease in human hyperactivity. Physical activities like sports have been very useful in maintaining the physical fitness of the body. It involves a lot of interactions with things and people that contribute to the well-being of the mind, body and soul.A Healthy And Balanced Lifestyle Essay Paper

The obstacles and hindrances to achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for a young adult has been plagued by such factors as technology and busy lives. Having a good health requires day to day activity (Warburton, Nicol & Bredin 2006, pp. 801-809). This is recommended to excercise at least 30 minutes a day. The society pays a lot of attention to weight, the way it affects the health of individuals and general appearance. In the modern society with busy lives, many people prefer a snack or a meal in a rush to healthy hot food. Such kinds of foods are made with high constituents of sugar, calories, fat, preservatives and carbohydrates. All of these constituents in the foods cause health issues like obesity. Young people also become addicted totechnological developments. They spend hours sitting at one spot and clicking the buttons of computer or other playing device. The time needed for exercise is waisted in front of the screen. The food taken in is, thus, not well utilized, hence, leading to a poor health and an unbalanced lifestyle. To overcome these challenges, all that is required is discipline and commitment to a balanced health lifestyle. A Healthy And Balanced Lifestyle Essay Paper

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