Provide a substantive response to at least two of your peers. Do you agree or disagree with their analyses?  Would you suggest any changes to the management styles they discussed?  Consider a situation from your own life where you were part of an ineffective team, what specific issues did you face?  Would their suggestions have worked in that situation?
Strong Option B: Committees have been determined as a necessary component to health care organizations.  As a manager, you have been tasked to set up a committee with one of the hospital departments.  In doing so, consider the following questions:  
How much influence should the committee have in the overall management structure? 
When looking at influence, the committee needs to have a person from every section involved with regards to the overall control structure. Additionally, searching into having human beings from exceptional shifts, so all aspects are visible and mentioned. About making decisions, the management group should make the selection; however, ought to get worried with the committee to fully recognize the decisions they may be making and the results of these selections. The management team ought to be open to all thoughts and opinions; however;, it will make the last choice.
How would you maintain authority without adopting an autocratic leadership style? 
That is very critical, for the best interest of the committee and the rest of the healthcare body of workers, avoiding an autocratic leadership style is very vital. It may typically be assumed that the authoritarian, close leadership style is the least practical and least desirable approach for motivation personnel (Liebler, 2012). As stated above, that is important that each person of the committee has a say in what is going on and no longer holding anyone better than the other individual. With control as well, that is in which all of them assist make the very last decision, and it’s not just one individual figuring out what they need. This is and has to stay a team effort in the best interest of the organization.
How would you set up an employee team without violating union and labor laws?
While setting together an employee team, that is in which every section could decide who becomes part of the committee. It wouldn’t be management choosing who they need, so it’ll keep the violations of union and labor laws. Also, there can’t be any talk about benefits involved, terms of employment, or even compensation. Some of these needs left out as well to maintain a smooth running committee. The focus of the committee is all to make the company run more efficiently and create the best work environment for the employees and patients.
Penman-Whether a committee is formed to fulfill a temporary or permanent function within an organization, they are advantageous because they are created to deal with issues and assist with developing process improvement strategies.  I believe the top three challenges in setting up a hospital-based committee from a managerial perspective are member interaction, member participation, and time pressures. Committees can be formed by employees of various positions, which could result in conflict if the higher-ranking staff does not communicate respectfully or acknowledge the vital contribution lower-ranking staff have within the group. Member participation is also a critical component, it is unfair to other members if one or more individuals contributes minimally but stands to share the credit of the team as a whole (Liebler and McConnell, 2017). Time pressures can cause significant disruption to successful committees as well because some members may be salary while others are hourly, which could result in cutting committee deliberations short, which could result in vague discussions and indecisive decisions (Liebler and McConnell, 2017).
As a manager, some steps can be taken to overcome the challenges previously mentioned. For example, I would invite members from various departments and ranks specific who would be most appropriate for contributing to the particular issue. I would initiate the first meeting and clearly define the mission for the committee and assign functions to each member, as well as express the importance of respecting one another as equals. I would also make it clear that open discussions and constructive criticism are encouraged. However, conflict and divisiveness would not be tolerated and would result in an individual’s removal from the committee to be replaced with alternative staff, as well as corrective action if necessary. After the initial meeting, each employee would have their assigned role, and they would be responsible for providing information and progress to ensure participation. Additionally, I would schedule committee meetings weekly or monthly, depending on the need, and limit each session to one hour.  Each meeting would conclude with the assignment of tasks to complete before the next, and I would ensure written communication between meetings to check on progress and keep members engaged regularly.

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