Provide a substantive response to at least two of your peers.  Comment on the business proposals and budgetary plans your classmates have presented.  Do you think these plans are viable?  Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these business ventures from a strategic planning and operational standpoint.
Wiseman-I plan on opening a small homecare business. The company would serve as a local option for families to have trained and caring individuals come into the home to take care of their loved ones while they are unable to be home. We would serve those in our community who have insurance and those who do not. These services are needed by our community because the life expectancy rate is increasing every year and many of the senior population do not want to live in long care facilities. The facilities are understaffed and many times the client will have one caregiver to 10 residents. With homecare the client will have personal one on one care in their own home. There will be a lot of competition including but not limited to, Home Helpers, Bright Star, and Mom’s home. To stand out from competition I would like to have a team who has five years or more experience in patient care and will offer paid CNA classes to those who agree to work for me for a year. Most of the competition will have staff how looks at the job as baby sitting whereas my staff will be professionals. I will need about $60K to start my business. The money will go to “Setting up your company, obtaining licensing, entity setup (S-corp, LLC, Partnership, etc.), office location, office setup, insurance, staffing ramp up and marketing, marketing, marketing.”( John, 2018). I also will need to make sure I can cover my personal bills for six months to a year. I will finance the start up with grants and loans plus an initial down payment of my own money. To maintain the budget, I will market the new business and apply for grants. I can also start building partnerships with nursing homes and rehabilitation center to suggest or have our info available.
  Our mission is to show love and compassion while helping Your family member stay in their home. We will provide superiority care services in a compassionate manner that will enrich the quality of life in our community. Each person is an individual with specific needs and preferences. Which is why each worker is selected based on experience, of five years or more, and your family’s needs. We are available 24 hours 7 days a week because everyone needs are different. Our caregivers provide personal care, homemaking, and family respite services. Our caregivers are experienced, reliable, honest, and passionate about providing care. Everyone here is family caregivers and clients alike let us take care of you.
Masters- In the world today there is a aging population and we should provide them with quality care and take care of them. Elderly people need a great deal of assistance ad care whether it be health services or elp with their household needs. These needs can be cooking, cleaning, and finances in addition to healthcare. Many elderly people choose to live at home versus living in a assisted living facility or nursing home. The service I recommend is a nursing/home attendant care at home. Elderly persons may need help with not just healthcare but transportation phsysician apointments, paying bills, or even attending leisure activities. This service can provide all these services without using multi staff members to perform all the job duties. 
Health care services must be utilized and offer dependent care for those individuals where there is a great demand. Since healthcare prices are on the rise there is also a decrease in care givers. There should be a strategic plan in place that can be dependable and provide dependabilty for this population. (Wan & Alager, 2018). Many times elery people ay not have family members who can provide these services for them, or may not be able to help them full circle. There is some competition because of home health services already in existance. But many utilize different staff members to provide services for the individuals according to their needs. 
The budget I woud have would be at least $100,000 becasue of hring and maintaning nursing staff that would do more than just help with healthcare needs for their patients. Funding for this venture can come from private and public donations as well as business loans, medicare and medicaid. In order to maintain the budget funding wold also come from private pay and insurance payments. 
Mission Statement:
To provide dependable, quality home based care, with professional staff for your home and health care needs. 

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