5 pages essay and 2 work sheet. I am not a native student so do not use too much difficult words or phrase. it is ok to be simple.

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5 pages essay and 2 work sheet
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Essay 2: Synthesis
College Writing 2 • Spring 2020 • Synthesis Essay Worksheets 1 & 2. Due date: March 10th
What is a Synthesis?
A synthesis is a combination of two or more summaries and sources. In a synthesis essay, you
usually write about printed texts or digital material where you bring together particular themes or
traits that you observe from those texts. You should be looking for connections between each of the
resources in order to form a thesis or theory.
Global Warming – Climate Change
This is not an argument. This paper should not contain your opinion. It should be an informative
paper based on information found in and summarized from the articles. You are simply finding,
combining, organizing, and reporting on information you find in the articles and the TED talk.
The only research that you will use for this paper is the Ted Talk entitled “100 Solutions to Reverse
Global Warming – Chad Frischmann” and the article entitled “The Effects of Climate Change” and
the article that you chose to use for the research assignment. Once you have reviewed these, use the
content of the articles/talk solely to inform your paper. Include a mixture of paraphrases and
quotations from the 4 articles, using APA style. At least 3 sources must be used at least once in
each and every body paragraph. (look at page 110 of your textbook)
Please note: You must follow the directions for the assignment. The sources must be only the above
four (4) resources, including the Ted Talk. You may not use any other sources for this paper.
The paper should have 3 sections: introduction, 3 synthesis paragraphs, and a conclusion. Essays
should have a synthesized theme.
Turn In
• Title page
• 5 paragraphs (only)
• 3 citations per body paragraph (9 minimum) using this format: (Arnold, 2010, p. 172)
• References page listing 4 sources in APA format
This should be a direct/deductive paper. Make sure to include a thesis statement, topic sentences,
and paragraph summaries. Each paragraph must be at least 8-10 sentences.
Turn in a complete draft only: title page, essay, and references. There will be one draft and one
revision of this paper. The draft and revision grades earn separate grades. Essay worksheets must be
completed before you turn in the paper.
Synthesis Essay Worksheet 1
Due: March 10th.
————————————————————————————————————————• Ted Talk – 100 Solutions to Reverse Global Warming – Chad Frischmann

Article 1 – The Effects of Climate Change
Article 2 – Your chosen Global Warming/Climate Change article
Article 3 – What is Global Warming?
Subject of the articles/talk:
Global Warming – Climate Change
Theme you invented from the articles:
Summary of Ted talk:
Summary of Article 1:
Summary of Article 2:
Summary of Article 3:
Synthesis Essay Worksheet 2 – Gathering Quotations
Focus (Theme you invented from the articles/talk):
Thesis statement:
Main Point 1: (Body 1)
Quotation/Paraphrase 1:
Quotation/Paraphrase 2:
Quotation/Paraphrase 3:
Main Point 2: (Body 2)
Quotation/Paraphrase 1:
Quotation/Paraphrase 2:
Quotation/Paraphrase 3:
Main Point 3: (Body 3)
Quotation/Paraphrase 1:
Quotation/Paraphrase 2:
Quotation/Paraphrase 3:

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