For Essay #3, you will be composing a 4-page essay on Ibsen’s play, A Doll’s House. The following requirements must be followed, regardless of which essay topic you choose:1. You must cite the text using correct MLA formatting.2. You must fully analyze all of the quotes you choose to incorporate into your essay. At minimum, you should have three quotes.3. You should reflect on the language of the play. In other words, do not overlook intriguing word choices, unusual pauses (i.e. what is not said), and striking repetitions.4. You need both an introduction and a conclusion.5. You need a combination of analysis and evaluation, making sure not to devolve into plot summary (which is neither analytical nor evaluative).6. Your essay needs an original and persuasive thesis.TOPICS (Choose One)1. After reviewing the film version of A Doll’s House, analyze the key differences between the film and the written play. Observe, evaluate, and reflect deeply on the directorial and acting choices made. You may want to focus on one aspect of the differences in order to give your essay a persuasive focus.The play you can read online. I provide you the film here.

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