21st Century Healthcare

21st Century Healthcare and Nursing Theory
Health Care of the Not So Distant Past
What comes to mind when you think of at the average United States hospital room? White walls, squeaky green but easy to clean linoleum flooring, frightening medical equipment, a tiny television, and one small chair for visitors are often some of the items that come to mind. Patients are placed in an environment with an institutional feel and little emphasis on aesthetics and are expected to heal, recover and rehabilitate as quickly as possible. 21st Century Healthcare And Nursing Theory Essay The measure of success for healthcare organizations had a primary focus on throughput of patients and physician efficiency. (Engaging the 21st century patient, 2014) For nurses and healthcare workers, it is easy to see that the emphasis of the healthcare industry is shifting from that in resent history. There is a new push toward patient satisfaction, patient-family centered care and a more holistic model of care. (Kreitzer, 2014) This concentration of healthcare today is shifting from institutionalization of medicine to the personification of the patient.
The 21st Century Healthcare System
Healthcare today is being developed into a holistic and patient-centered care driven environment. Some examples of this include a push toward all private rooms, increasing social support with open or extended visiting hours, therapeutic treatments including art therapy, music therapy, pet therapy, massage, noise reduction strategies, and many more. (Kreitzer, 2014) Effectiveness of these improvements and the healthcare system in general is often measured based on the patient  21st Century Healthcare And Nursing Theory Essay

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21st Century Healthcare And Nursing Theory Essay
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Maryville University | Clinical Theory Practice of the 21st Century | Assignment 4.1 | | Sally Fandek | 9/1/2012 |

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In a world where there is constant change, and individuals are constantly attempting to adapt and cope with these changes, the human experiences and responses to this process is central to nursing interest, (Meleis, 2012). Today’s global health problems in addition to the politically volatile health care system, and the rising cost of health care seem insurmountable. As nurses,…show more content…
To this end, I believe middle-range theories are best suited to advance nursing knowledge and practice in the 21st century. “Middle-range theories are at those levels of conceptualization that could inform nursing practice and research, and thus continue the cycle of advancing foundational knowledge and enhancing quality care”, (Meleis, 2012). Middle-range theories were created to help the nursing profession realize its overall mission and goal, now and in the future; to alleviate pain, suffering and distress, as well as promote health-seeking behaviors which will lead to improved health outcomes and attainable goals.21st Century Healthcare And Nursing Theory Essay  Because middle-range theories lie in the middle of grand theories and situation specific theories, they are directed more toward specific interventions that can be implemented at the ‘bedside’. As such, they are designed to provide frameworks to manage patients’ experiences with symptoms, as well as the ability to understand responses to health and illness phenomenon. As stated by Mary Jane Smith and Patricia Liehr, (1999), middle-range theories require the co-existence of research and practice in their development. Given the practice-research unity underlying the creation of middle-range theories, it is proposed that the “neomodernist paradigm”, which espouses the belief that human beings are multi-dimensional, ever changing, and complex, is critical to the development of nursing

One of the complexities of 21st century medicine is the evolution of nursing care theories in combination with a changing need and expectation of the stakeholder population. Nurses must be advocates and communicators, but must balance these along with an overall philosophy of ethics while still remaining mindful of budgets and the need for the medical institution to be profitable (McCance, 1999). Nursing sensitive indicators reflect the structure, process and outcomes of nursing care, and thus are highly relative to 21st century healthcare stakeholders. For instance, one of the more common occurances in a broad range of healthcare facilities are patient falls particularly for older patients. This is quite serious overall, and is one of the most often cited malpractice suits against nurses who fail to take adequate safety measures based on risk (Wilson, 1998). 21st Century Healthcare And Nursing Theory Essay
More often than not, nurses tend to act as the “moral agents” within the system because they are the locus of communication between the physician, the patient, and the family. The modern nurse leader must act with moral courage and conviction since “nursing leaders are responsible for creating cultures that support acts of courage in nursing”¦ [because] these acts have the potential to increase nurse retention, promote patient comfort, relieve patient suffering, and enhance the reputation of the organization” (Edmonson, 2010). This is difficult, at times, particularly when dealing with patient 21st Century Healthcare And Nursing Theory Essay

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