2019 Cyprus Rape Allegation Case (links to help argument)a. Opening statements (2-5 min)b. Argument (5-10 min)c. Closing statements ( 2-5 min)This is an oral argument and no visual presentation is required.Before the oral argument, students will:Thoroughly examine and research problems assigned to them.Examine relevant literature for evidence to support the topic.Analyze the arguments that can be made to support their position.Anticipate arguments that an opposing side could make and formulate counter arguments.Organize points into a reasonable and logical format to present to the classhttp://www.supremecourt.gov.cy/judicial/sc.nsf/DML…https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_Cyprus_rape_all…https://apnews.com/deed376861dbb4aeba8647afaba5469…*Note you can chose either side, prosecution or defense.

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2019 Cyprus Rape Allegation Case – Oral argument
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